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For Other Attorneys

Services for other attorneys

Are you a solo practitioner with a small, but busy, law office? Don't have time to research and write briefs and don't want to hire a full-time person to do only part-time work? Then consider hiring the Sanford Law Firm to do your research and legal writing.

This eliminates the necessity of hiring someone to do your research and writing for you, saving you the expense of providing office space and equipment, salary and benefits to an extra employee. And because we function as an independent contractor, you also avoid the various employer taxes associated with hiring extra personnel.

Criminal case review, briefing & argument

You have the option of retaining us at a reasonable hourly or flat fee. We do as much or as little work as you need, including:

  • Review your case file for any potential suppression issues and advise you on those issues
  • Research and write the suppression brief (so you can focus on your trial preparation)
  • If needed, we can join you for the suppression hearing as second or lead counsel to conduct the defense and argue the suppression issues.

Non-criminal case review & briefing

We have worked with many attorneys to research and write briefs on all different types of issues:

  • Motions in limine to exclude out-of-court statements or other evidence
  • Division of marital property in divorce cases
  • Wiretapping between spouses
  • Setting aside default judgments
  • Challenging denial of benefits by insurance companies
  • Conditions for independent medical exams in a personal injury case
  • Challenging statutory foreclosure; violations of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and ADTPA (Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act)

Whether your issue arises in the domestic relations, personal injury, contract, insurance, corporate law or any other arena, we will quickly and competently research and brief your issue.

Appellate review, briefing & argument

Appellate advocacy is a complex realm all its own.  There are pitfalls everywhere for the hapless attorney — procedural and timing errors, errors in preservation of arguments, misunderstandings about standards of review or even what sorts of arguments an appellate court will hear.

What if I can't get the record in 90 days? What goes in the Notice of Appeal? How do I make arrangements with the court reporter for the transcript? When does the trial court lose jurisdiction of a case? What happens to the appeal deadlines when post-trial motions are filed? What are "standards of review" and why do I even care about them? Will the appellate court even consider my issue?

These are just some of the questions you might have about an appeal. How many times have attorneys written appellate briefs only to have the appellate court not even consider their argument because it was not argued properly? Save yourself and your client a lot of hassle and heartache by hiring someone with appellate experience to handle your appeal. The Sanford Law Firm can handle the entire appeal as counsel of record or, if you prefer to remain as counsel of record, our attorney will research and write the appellate brief for you to sign and file it. We will even take care of the abstracting if you like. We are here to serve the appellate needs of attorneys.

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