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Prominent Cases

Prominent Cases

Our attorneys have handled over 3,500 cases for our many clients.  The highlights below, spanning a broad spectrum of legal fields, demonstrate our commitment to excellence for every client that chooses to hire us.

Civil litigation

FLSA lawsuits and settlements

In 2012, Josh Sanford and Anne Milligan secured a $32,000 settlement for a Sharp County, AR, bar manager who had been misclassified by her employer as “exempt” from the overtime requirements of the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act (AMWA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Employers do this so that they can work the employee more hours but not pay additional money. This is an all-too-common approach to “cost savings” by employers. It is illegal unless the employee fits into some narrow categories of applicable exemptions to the overtime requirements. Collectively, cases filed by the Sanford Law Firm since 2009 have resulted in more than $6,000,000 in settlement money for wage and hour violations for more than 80 clients.

Multimillion dollar verdict for corporate client based on fraud and embezzlement

In 2009, Sanford Law Firm secured a verdict in excess of $6.9 million for a corporate client in the Circuit Court of Pope County, AR. A complex case with multiple defendants, the claims included multiple counts of breach of contract; breach of duty of good faith; breach of fiduciary duty; tortious interference with business contract and business expectancy; fraud; conversion; trespass to personal property; misappropriation; unjust enrichment and civil conspiracy.

Foreclosure case ruling

In 2007, Sanford Law Firm proudly presented this case on appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court. Having been deprived of his home in violation of statutory law, the Supreme Court reversed the trial court, restoring the client to ownership of his home. (pdf link)

Taking on the debt collectors

Not every case can be a winner. Sanford Law Firm spent over a year fighting back against a debt collection law firm in Arkansas. Without pay of any kind, Sanford Law Firm took the debt collection law firm to the Arkansas Supreme Court, but unfortunately the high court ruled in favor of the debt collection attorneys. However, we are proud to say that we put up a fight. You can read the case here (pdf link). And since that time another court has already used the original case as a basis to rule in our favor in another case. You can read that case here (pdf link). (pdf link)

Over $300,000 awarded in corporate dissolution case

In 2010 and 2011, Sanford Law Firm represented three members of a four person limited liability company during the disputed and contentious dissolution lawsuit.  After several hearings, we secured a judgement for our clients in excess of $300,000.

Family law

$100,000 award for unpaid child support

In 2010, Sanford Law Firm secured a judgment for its client for unpaid child support in the amount of $100,000. In this instance, Sanford Law Firm represented a 21 year old who sought to collect child support his father had not paid.

Interest on child support confirmation

In 2009, Sanford Law Firm appealed an adverse ruling regarding interest on unpaid back child support. The court of appeals affirmed that interest must be included and paid on back child support, with a final judgment in favor of our client three times the amount of original support due.  (pdf link)

Parents’ adoption rights

In 2008, Sanford Law Firm presented an unusual question to the State’s highest court–whether the parent of a child can use an adoption to terminate parental rights of the other parent. The Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed the right of parents to adopt their own children. (pdf link)(pdf link) Representing a mother in one case and a father in another, we successfully appealed both simultaneously.  (pdf link)

Standard visitation doesn’t work in every case

In 2011, Sanford Law Firm attorney Vanessa Kinney secured a ruling from the Arkansas Court of Appeals protecting and enhancing a father’s visitation rights.  There is now clear case law in Arkansas that requires that non-custodial parents who live far away from their children receive a visitation schedule that is suited to the great distance between the parents.  Here is the court’s opinion: (pdf file).

*Attorneys in the state of Arkansas are prohibited from stating or implying in their advertising that their past results or successes are a guarantee of a certain outcome in any case.  Nothing on this website is intended to state or imply any sort of a guarantee.

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