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Sexual Harassment

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Promoting a safe and constructive workplace in Arkansas

Employers have an affirmative duty to control their employees and to address reports of sexual harassment. That is why it is crucial to report sexual harassment to your employer as soon as it occurs. If an employer refuses to address or remedy these allegations, it may be liable under state and federal statutes. The Sanford Law Firm has been helping workers fight sexual harassment in the workplace for more than ten years. With 60 years of collective experience, our team of lawyers is up to the challenge and willing to take on employers who fail to honor their legal obligation to promote a harassment-free workplace.

Sexual harassment comes in many forms

Sexual harassment is perhaps the most pervasive form of workplace harassment. And while the majority of victims are women, men can also fall victim to this insidious behavior. Actionable sexual harassment can range from isolated by egregious incidents — such as sexual assaults or other aggressive and unwanted sexual advances — to less serious conduct that occurs repeatedly. Moreover, sexual harassment need not be overtly sexual in nature and can include comments that are derogatory about a worker’s gender or otherwise insensitive:

  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Off color or sexual jokes
  • Derogatory or stereotyping comments
  • Posting pornographic sexual suggestive pictures or comics
  • Repeated and unwanted requests for dates
  • Sexually offense email forwards


While isolated minor incidents of these types are usually not actionable, when they become a consistent pattern they can quickly create a hostile work environment. Employers have a legal duty to control this type of conduct when it affects their employees. This remains the case whether the guilty party is an employee, supervisor, manager, contractor or customer.

Conscientious employers should have reporting procedures in place that allow employees to report this type of conduct. But all too often these procedures are flawed — such as requiring an employee to report harassment to the very supervisor who is responsible for it — or reports go unheeded or unaddressed. If you are suffering under these types of conditions and your employer is unwilling to act, you may be able to remedy your situation with the help of a Little Rock sexual harassment attorney.

We are committed to fighting workplace sexual harassment

At the Sanford Law Firm we understand the anxiety and pain a hostile work environment can cause. We fight hard to get justice and vindication for clients victimized in the workplace. Our offices in Little Rock and Russellville serve workers throughout Arkansas. But we are also ready and willing to work in other states — wherever workers need a strong and principled advocate. Call our Little Rock office at 501-476-6251 or toll free at or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your employment issue.

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