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Companies are always concerned with getting the best deal. An executive compensation is no exception. Even in a highly competitive market where good talent is difficult to come by, business leaders must still be careful to ensure their compensation and benefits packages adequately reflect their talent, experience and contributions to the company. The experienced attorneys of the Sanford Law Firm understand current trends as well as applicable state and federal laws and can review compensation packages to determine if they are on par with industry norms and can negotiate with employers to secure fair compensation when necessary.

Complexities of executive compensation

Numerous components contribute to most schemes of executive compensation. Business leaders have much more to consider than simple base salary. These employment contracts often contain complex formulas for determining bonuses and incentives for performance. Moreover, other non-monetary employee benefits can substantially contribute to the value of an executive package. These can include health insurance, stock options and shares, use of corporate property and more.

In addition to compensation and employee benefits, Arkansas business leaders should also be sure to understand their obligations and protections under an executive employment agreement. In a difficult market, job security is crucial. A seemingly good compensation and benefits package may lose a great deal of value if the employer is able to terminate it at will. Incoming business professionals must also be careful to fully understand the obligations their contracts impose.

The Sanford Law Firm has worked with executives and business professionals in Arkansas and beyond for more than ten years. We understand the business world and the conventions and norms of executive compensation and fringe benefits. We work with our clients and their employers to help them fully understand their compensation packages and aggressively negotiate for adjustments when appropriate.

We are committed to helping Arkansas business leaders

The team of experienced attorneys at the Sanford Law Firm is committed to helping professionals and business leaders secure fair compensation from their employers. Our convenient office locations in Little Rock and Russellville serve professionals, executives and employees of all types throughout Arkansas. But we are also ready and willing to work in other states — wherever workers need a strong and principled advocate. Call our Little Rock office at 501-476-6251 or toll free at or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your employment issue.

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