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Representing unions in a variety of employment law issues

Unions play an important role in our labor economy — pooling the interests of groups of workers and using their collective power to gain better pay and working conditions. But even unions sometimes need help with employment law issues. The Sanford Law Firm is a trusted partner for labor unions both during and after negotiations. Our Little Rock labor lawyers understand the interplay of issues between union contracts and state and federal employment laws. We work closely with unions to hold unionized employers accountable for wage and hour violations, discrimination, retaliation and other unfair employment practices.

Counsel and representation during union negotiations

For both newly certified and existing unions, negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or modifying an old one can be a delicate process. CBAs are complex by necessity and often include complex job classification and seniority systems. Union negotiators must be careful to ensure their CBAs reflect their members’ legal rights to minimum compensation and overtime and that their classification systems are appropriate under the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and similar state laws. Moreover, unions must be aware of the impact discrimination laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Civil Rights Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) can have on bargaining for seniority systems.

Our attorneys work with union members and leaders during negotiations with management to help them proactively address common wage and hour ambiguities and other employment issues:

  • “Donning and doffing” time
  • On-call time
  • Off the clock work
  • Computation of time
  • FLSA misclassification
  • Seniority
  • Job bidding
  • Overtime availability and computation

Unions must be careful to understand their members’ legal rights and must diligently enforce those rights with the help of a Little Rock labor attorney. Moreover, unions must themselves be careful not to negotiate CBAs or other policies that run afoul of state and federal discrimination laws by creating a negative impact on minorities in the workplace. As a staunch advocate for employee rights, the Sanford Law Firm is a trusted advisor and advocate for unions, helping them avoid the issues that can lead to a loss of member confidence and even litigation.

Contact the firm that is a dedicated partner for organized labor

The Sanford Law Firm is committed to the cause of organized labor. Our Little Rock labor attorneys work closely with union leaders and staff to proactively address important employment law issues that affect their members. From our offices in Little Rock and Russellville we serve clients throughout Arkansas. But we are ready and willing to work in other states — wherever workers need a strong and principled advocate. Call our Little Rock office at 501-476-6251 or toll free at or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your employment issue.

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