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What is the Arkansas Civil Rights Act?


Many people equate civil rights with racial discrimination, and rightly so.  However, Arkansas workers must be aware of the various other types of discrimination in the workplace and take action when they are the victim of unlawful biases by their employer. A Little Rock employment attorney can give you a thorough explanation of how civil rights apply in the workplace and help you take action if you have been the victim of discrimination ― or protective measures to follow if you are an employer.


The Arkansas Civil Rights Act of 1993 (ACRA) applies to all Arkansas employers with nine or more employees.  The ACRA is designed to eliminate illegal employment discrimination, which involves making decisions based on race, sex, national origin, or physical disability.  The controlled decisions include both pre-employment and post-employment issues, i.e. hiring/firing and raises/promotions.


Many people are witness to unlawful discrimination, but fail to say anything because they are afraid.  They are afraid that they may be harassed or disciplined or even terminated.  The ACRA encourages such people to come forward by offering protection against retaliation from others, such as their boss or their supervisor or even their coworkers.


Most anti-discrimination laws hold the employer liable for the violations of its employees.  The ACRA also holds individuals accountable for their actions.  An Arkansas employee who circulates an offensive email may very well face consequences far beyond the mere loss of a job. Courts have interpreted the ACRA very broadly, so it behooves both employers and employees to educate themselves about the ACRA’s many obscure provisions.


If you see a sign over a frozen lake that says “DANGER…THIN ICE”, the best course of action is not to tiptoe across the ice and hope you do not fall through.  The best idea is to prevent problems by avoiding the lake altogether.  To learn about the ACRA, and how it applies to you or your business, contact an experienced Little Rock employment attorney for guidance.

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